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Meet Our Team

Each member of the Frame of Mind Coaching Team started out as a client in our 1-on-1 coaching program. They achieved their goals as a result of their own coaching and fell in love with the coaching experience.  They took a year to get trained and learn the Frame of Mind Coaching process in order to become certified FOM Coaches and work with clients to have the same kind of impact that professional coaching had on their own lives.

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I had the pleasure of working with the Frame of Mind Coaching program. My coach and I are in the same industry, so he could easily relate to my current issues in real estate. His ability to touch the core issues would allow him to work with anybody in any profession. I feel so much more at ease at w... read more

- Gary Harlow

Meet the Team

Kim Ades, M.B.A.


Kim has five kids and a wonderful husband whom she loves dearly. Kim speaks French fluently and she loves dancing in the kitchen. Don’t be surprised when you make Kim laugh really hard and no sound comes out of her mouth!

Meet Kim

Allan Friedman, B.A., B.Ed.

Director of Operations, FOM Inc. & JournalEngine™ Software

Allan heads up the Administrative division of FOM Inc., dedicated to the support of the FOM coaching team.  Allan thoroughly enjoys his life as dad to 5 phenomenal kids, and is happily married to the most amazing woman on the planet.

Meet Allan

Meet Our FOM-Certified Coaches

The best way to describe the FOM Coaching team is through the core values that our FOM professional coaches commit to living and breathing on a daily basis.

Dave Gorham

Frame of Mind Coach


Dave has six tattoos (with 100 more in mind), he rides a motorcycle, drives a 1973 Karmann Ghia and spends his summers on the beach in Ocean City.

Meet Dave

Becca Woodring Buttermore


Becca is an optometrist, a business owner and a mother of five. She likes spontaneous, unplanned travel (preferably some place warm), horseback riding and sewing - she even made her own prom gowns, her wedding dress and all seven of her bridesmaids’ dresses! Becca is not a fan of ANY vegetables, so her salads consist of mostly, well, lettuce. Ask her how that's going...

Meet Becca

Frank Furbacher


Frank cannot get enough of CrossFit! When he isn’t at the office or involved with one of his numerous extracurricular activities, you will find him at the gym, doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dead-lifts and squats. Frank is an avid fan of all sports, including professional wrestling. Frank has also always been interested in entrepreneurship and development. Most recently, he has worked with well-known NYC DJ, Cipha Sounds, as a student of his Improv Classes in Manhattan.

Meet Frank

Amy Scupham



Amy is passionate about learning, helping others, and making laughter a part of every one’s day. She is also determined to use the Frame of Mind Coaching thought management principles to bring her golf handicap into the low teens! Amy lives in Kansas City with her beautiful daughter Cassie and keeps herself busy with her 20-year career in investment management, volunteering/sitting on the board of a charitable foundation, golfing, traveling, reading, learning about new cultures and constantly searching for ways to stay intellectually challenged. Oh, and watch out if there are cookies around – she’s known to be a cookie monster!

Meet Amy

Chari Schwartz



Chari lives in suburban Thornhill, Ontario. She has three beautiful daughters, two son-in-law's, a grandson and a grand pup. She enjoys hiking, travelling, cruises, curling up with a great book and cooking chicken wings and ribs on the BBQ for her family. She and her family get together as often as possible, but the best times are had when they are the least planned. Her favourite moments are when her whole family are at the same place at the same time.

Meet Chari

Matthew Walley



Matthew grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and has gone on to live in New York City, Hilton Head Island, Berlin and Zimbali, South Africa, with extended stays in Italy, Spain and Israel. He now lives just outside of Atlanta in Suwanee, Georgia with his wife, Maryann. Matthew is an avid golfer who loves music of all kinds. Having worked in leadership for over eight years, he love spending time collaborating and having great, thought-provoking conversations with friends and clients.

Meet Matthew

Our Core Values

Most companies sit around in a room and figure out what they want their core values to be, and then they come up with a series of strategies to try to make those values come to life. At Frame of Mind Coaching, our list of 5 core values emerged from an exercise that examined not how we want to be, but how we naturally operate with our coaching clients individually, and as a coaching team. Here are the words we found to describe those values...

Frame of Mind’s Coaching Values

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- As FOM Coaches, we are committed to our own personal and professional development as we simultaneously take a stand for the personal development of our clients.

IMPACT THROUGH BOLD LEADERSHIP- Coaching leaders to have a profound impact on every community they touch AND  playing a prominent role in the coaching industry by actively leading by example.

INTIMACY- Building an unprecedented level of trust with our clients.

INNOVATION- Developing and delivering the most leading edge and powerful approaches to business success, life transformation and executive coaching.

GENEROSITY- Giving whatever we can to our clients exactly when they need it the most.

It is very easy to write a testimonial right after a course ends and while you’re feeling good about what you have learned, journaled about and discovered about yourself. But a true testimonial comes weeks or months later when what you have learned becomes a conscious reflection, more than you ever ... read more

- Jeanne D’Ottavi

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